• Pre-Development Work approx. 4 - 6 weeks
  • Development
  • Post-Development Work approx. 6 - 12 months
  • Discovery, Scoping & Proposal
  • Project Team & Launch
  • App Flow & UI Developed

We Keep the Overall Process Simple

Working through the steps to a mobile solution need not be complicated. The process is really very simple. But, it is the attention to detail and the quality of the work that makes the difference between a quality mobile solution and a solution that falls short of expectations. We take the time and we make the commitment to insure that our work is at a top level and that we honor our commitments to our valued clients.

Pre-Development Work

We defined Pre-Development as the stage of the process covering all of the work that precedes the actual code development. Before a quality solution can be brought to life, a concept needs to be defined, evaluated and refined to insure that it meets the business goals, including the condition that it will deliver an acceptable return on the expected investment.

We consult with our clients and we use a formal questionnaire to facilitate this evaluation and refinement period, so that we are able to clearly understand what must be accomplished. Details are critical to a successful outcome. We don't skip steps.

If a viable concept is defined, we create a detailed proposal including all costs, use-cases, functions and platform options. This proposal includes a scope of work that will be the basis for the project execution and, upon approval, defines what it will take to get the job done.

We partner with our clients to insure that we are always on the same page regarding project progress and outcomes. As such, as we move forward with development work, our first step is to form a project team. AppsbyExperts contributes several team members in support of all execution steps and our clients usually join on with a project manager, an IT representative and, in some cases, a member of the marketing department.

With a project team in place, we proceed to the mapping of the entire mobile solution, including all required screen designs and connectivity needs. This flow chart of activity forms the basis for the user interface (UI) design, so it is important to be comprehensive in chart design. Once completed, our creative design team works with the project team to come up with a fully developed UI design, featuring all screens and showing exactly what it to be coded for the final product. This step insures that our clients have a clear and precise vision of their mobile solution prior to any code writing activity.


The Development stage is defined as the actual code writing activities as well as the establishment of any required connectivity (APIs - Application Programming Interfaces) in support of the solution. This work is usually of a very technical nature and involves code writers and IT personnel, in a coordinated effort to, both, bring the UI design to life and to insure that performance is as expected.

Success in mobile solution development is not only a measure of connecting the dots for functionality, but also insuring that performance/speed will be sufficient to satisfy the users of the application. At AppsbyExperts, we consider performance to be a part of any quality solution.

Post-Development Work

The Post-Development stage includes the testing, deployment and maintenance of the mobile solution.

When code-writing is completed, we test the mobile solution on all desired platforms to insure that what is expected is what is realized, in practice. It is the 'acid test' for the project. Once this test phase has been completed in accordance with project commitments, the solution is deployed to our client and we can provide assistance, as needed, to facilitate the distribution of the solution to the targeted users. If, for instance, an application has to be available through the Apple App store, Google, etc. we can provide guidance to assist with this process.

After deployment, while we include 6 months of technical support with every mobile application solution, we can also provide ongoing maintenance services, which are independently designed based upon the complexity of the specific mobile solution.


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