Some Common Activities



Enrollment and Class Scheduling

Improved Access, Higher Enrollment Levels


Campus map for visitors/students

Service to visitors, better flow of traffic


Notifications/Security Alerts

Protect Students and Educators


Promote an entertainer or event series

Higher attendance, better branding value


Ticket sales and reservations

Increased revenues, efficient processing


Mapping to events

Better traffic control and customer service


Subscription music services

Additional revenue generation stream

Fast Food

Pre-ordering of food

Efficiency and improved customer service


Notifications of specials/promotions

Increased revenues and brand reinforcement

Field Service

Real-time Integration of Field Reports

Elimination of paperwork, immediate reporting


Shortening of billing cycle

Eliminate delay due to paperwork processing


Complete access to product/equipment specs

More efficient solution determination


Improved scheduling efficiency

Real-time work tracker triggers scheduling


Uniformity of reported info for analysis

Menu driven input eliminates data inconsistency


Client Access to Accounts

Transactions enabled 24/7


Notifications for promotions/market alerts

Improved client service and support


Management dashboard of critical parameters

Critical parameters monitoring, 24/7

Fleet Management

Monitor travel activity

Improved capability to manage efficiencies


Improved scheduling

Better efficiency ? lower costs of operation


Report Breakdowns/Maintenance Audits

Quick incident response ? less downtime


Rewards Programs for top clients

Recognition builds loyalty, increased revenues


Casino mapping

Improved client service, higher utilization


Notifications of specials/promotions

Increased revenues


Appointment setting/changes for patients

More efficient office time ? satisfied patients


Mobile access to patient information

Workstation-free access for physicians


Billing facilitation

More efficient/convenient billing process


Physician-to-physician direct access

Better communication/efficient decision-making


Referral systems more efficient

More opportunities for new patients


Research data-sharing

Ease of data-sharing for better solutions


Pharmaceutical sales support

In-office presentation support


Reservations booking/changes

Higher revenues/improved customer service



Increased revenues


Hotel mapping

Improved customer service


Billing facilitation

More efficient and convenient billing process


Accident/incident reporting

Real-time reporting and more information


Policy management

Increased revenue potential/customer service


Billing facilitation

More efficient and convenient billing process


Promotional notifications

Market penetration/increased revenues


Mobile access to documents

In-court needs, better met, better outcomes


Incident reporting w/photos

More complete information, better outcomes


Billing facilitation

More efficient and convenient billing process


On-floor, production software access

No wasted time off manufacturing floor


Management dashboard of critical parameters

Management can see status, 24/7


Client ordering/order change facilitation

Improved client service/production efficiency


Integration of ERP programs

Mobile access to system for full integration


Presentations in client Locations

Professional grade presentation support


Mobile integration of CRM programs

Mobile access to all client information


Order development and placement

Able to define/place orders anywhere


Scheduling of appointments/meetings

Manage time more efficiently


Live streaming of content

Television/Radio/Internet feeds to mobile


Digital versions of print media

Paperless content to increase readership


Interactive Surveys

Polls, satisfaction surveys, product reviews, etc.

Oil & Gas

Monitoring of drilling operations

Mobile access to key rig performance indicators


Production operations monitoring

Statistical tracking of production operations


Procedural documents access

Best practices reference for specific issues


Emergency notification/alerts

Helps to insure the safety of workforce

Real Estate

List of properties for clients

Easy access to listings, more opportunities


Linking of realtors

Ease of scheduling showings, more sales


GPS mapping to properties

Clients can more easily find listed properties


Pre-qualifying portal

Immediate data gathering for qualifying process


Reservation portal

Automatic bookings/better efficiency


Menu listings

Increased awareness of offering, more revenues


Notifications of specials/promotions

Increased revenues and brand reinforcement


Online catalogs taken mobile

Increased revenues from mobile ordering


In-store product information bulletins

Increased revenues from informed consumers


Notifications of specials/promotions

Increased revenues and brand reinforcement


GPS mapping to store locations

Easy for clients to find locations


Loyalty programs facilitated

Rewards redeemable via mobile device


Extending useful information to the mobile space

Value add for clients ? not restricted desktop


Ability to integrate with other SW on common platform

Integration for comprehensive solution


Scheduling updates for clients

Improved client service, more revenues


Notifications of specials/promotions

Increased revenues and brand reinforcement


Client billing portal and profile

Efficient billing and preference profile access


Extend wellness input/output

Value-add for clients utilizing wellness program


User access to account for updates and input

Higher participation levels, better results


Referral systems for pre-qualified treatments

Efficiency in processing/user satisfaction

The benefits of mobile solutions are only limited by your own imagination and creativity. Let us work with you to bring your ideas to life.

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