Who We Are?

We are seasoned professionals with diversified backgrounds to assist our clients in leveraging the mobile space for the benefit of their businesses. We are highly skilled technicians and creative designers, able to turn ideas and concepts into top performing solutions.

Our consultative client advocates have experience in many disciplines, which allows them to bring true value to the process of solution design. And, our technicians have been through the process of bringing concepts to life, many times over. They know what it takes and this is a very, very important consideration, when it comes to selecting the proper vendor for your mobile challenge.

We work as a carefully integrated team to assist clients from the earliest stages of concept definition to the maintenance of the mobile solutions, deployed.

What We Value?

Our focus is to be defined by a solid reputation based in professionalism, integrity, candor and the ability to bring true value to our clients. We are about long-term relationships with our clients, based upon trust and competence. In short, we seek to perform in a manner that allows all who interact with AppsbyExperts, to speak kindly about how we handle our business.


We have been in your shoes.

We look at our business as an extension of our client's businesses. Why? Because only by having our clients succeed, do we succeed. Our team members have been in positions of leadership and decision-making and we understand the value in vendors that are competent, candid and fair.

Too many providers over-promise and under-deliver. We don't believe in either condition. We have been in your shoes and we know how valuable it is to know that your vendor will be straightforward with you in identifying challenges, options and in defining realistic expectations.

Our Team

Bob Sukenik
(Dallas, Texas)

Bob has more than three decades of experience in a number of different industries. Having had full operational responsibility for 4 separate companies, he is very comfortable working in the areas of Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, Engineering and Sales. Add to this Bob's experience in the mobile space and his ability to problem-solve, and the clients of Appsbyexperts have a solid ally in working to leverage the tremendous business value that can accrue from efficient and effective mobile solutions. While having a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Bob chose the mobile app industry because he believes, as others, that we have only begun to realize the true potential of this market for the benefit of businesses willing to be industry leaders. And, he enjoys his role in helping them to make it happen. (rsukenik@appsbyexperts.com)

Industries: Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Food Service, Consumer and Credit Data, Information Technology, Marketing

Paul Schwartz
(Petaluma, California)

In his 30+ year career, Paul has acquired a wealth of sales and management experience in the software and telecommunication industries as well as with other technical products. He worked in leading edge technologies, strategic marketing, tactical sales and key account management, so he has a broad base of operational and sales knowledge. Knowing these industries, it became clear to Paul that the explosive growth in mobile space solutions provided him the best opportunity to serve clients and to expand his own potential to utilize his talents in the business world. And, the Appsbyexperts' approach to working with clients fit perfectly with his style of assisting clients with quality, candor and a commitment to excellence. (pschwartz@appsbyexperts.com)

Industries: Telecommunications, Software, Technical Product Sales and Support


TJ Hale
(Phoenix, Arizona)

TJ brings both enthusiasm and experience into the mix, when working with his clients. Having been in the entertainment industry, he brings a creative side that helps businesses to stretch their ideas and to take full advantage of the potential that is in mobile solutions. TJ has also worked in real estate, in plastics and healthcare, so his background has some nice balance, to the benefit of the Appsbyexperts' clients. Being a family man, who puts great emphasis on integrity, candor and accountability, the ABE approach is a perfect working fit for TJ and this is reflected in his commitment to serve his clients. (tj@appsbyexperts.com)

Industries: Software, Healthcare, CRM, ERP, SaaS, Pharmaceutical

Aubrey Sabit
(Administrative and Sales)

Aubrey is perfect in her position, as providing support for the administrative and sales activities of Appsbyexperts. She has worked in the mobile space for several years and she understands the process, the client experience and what clients need to find comfort as they navigate their potential options. She always has a great attitude, which makes her easy to work with and always ready to help. If you have any questions about where to find what you need, at Appsbyexperts, Aubrey is a great place to start. (asabit@appsbyexperts.com)


Duncan Bonnici
(Chief Technology Officer)

Duncan, with a degree in Electrical Engineering (1999) and a Master of Science degree in Telecoms (2006), is a very talented CTO for mobile application developments. Joining Siemens, in 2001, he provided engineering services to companies such as Vodafone, T-mobile, H3G and Go Mobile. After holding a position as the Care Program Manager, ensuring that SLA compliance, Duncan joined Melita Mobile, recognizing the potential impact of mobile application development. His experience in mobile allows him to tackle even the most difficult challenges to bringing client concepts to life. He is a solid project manager and, while his direct responsibilities are not to write code, he is proficient in scripting (PHP, bash, Perl, etc.), database administration (MYSQL, MSSQL etc), system administration (LAMP) and in programming C/C++. (dbonnici@appsbyexperts.com)